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MAS 2015 / 16

House 4178, developed by the students throughout the academic year, used computational design and robotic fabrication to realize a unique two-story timber structure. Throughout the project, multiple prototypes were designed, fabricated, tested and refined, leading to a final project proposal. In order to fabricate the final proposal, a new robotic setup consisting of two large-scale ABB industrial robots on a linear track was developed and installed. In an automated process, the robot precisely pre-cut and assembled over 4000 different elements into large component pieces which together created the walls, floors and enclosure. The final prefabricated elements are composed of three-dimensional spatial trusses autonomously clad with wooden shingles. The structure was then installed by assembling the individual prefabricated elements on-site. The project featured teaching contributions from various groups within the NCCR Digital Fabrication including the Block Research Group (BRG), the Chair of Sustainable Construction, and the Digital Building Technologies.

Gramazio Kohler Research

Prof. Fabio Gramazio, Prof. Matthias Kohler (Delegate Professors)

Philipp Eversmann (NCCR Digital Fabrication Head of Education)

Luka Piskorec (MAS Teaching Lead)


Students: Jay Chenault, Allessandro DellEndice, Stavroula Eleni Tsafou, Matthias Helmreich, Nicholas Hoban, Jesus Medina, Pietro Odaglia, Federico Salvalaio

House 4178 GKR model 2015
House 4178 GKR
House 4178 GKR construction
House 4178 GKR detail
House 4178 GKR detail interior
House 4178 GKR detail interior
House 4178 GKR robotic assembly

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