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Our context

ETH Zürich is a leading university 
in science and technology, situated in Zürich, one of Europe’s most important technology hubs. We offer an exceptional learning environment, supported by substantial funding and access to cutting-edge facilities. With commitment to high quality education, we maintain small class sizes, ensuring a close teacher-student interaction. Each graduating class contributes to an ever-expanding network of experts, making strides in both practice and academia. 

ITA The Institute of Technology in Architecture Department of Architecture



The interior office floor of the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA).


Photo: Roman Keller


Our funding and labs



The MAS ETH DFAB program is the educational program of  the National Center of Competence and Research in Digital Fabrication (NCCR DFAB), supported by the  Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).


Founded in 2014, the center strives to revolutionize architecture by seamlessly merging digital technology and physical construction.


With 130+ researchers spanning six academic disciplines, including architects, engineers, scientists, and computer programmers, interdisciplinary collaboration drives large-scale projects and spawns new research domains.


The DFAB supports groundbreaking technologies and processes for the future construction, and reinforces the position of Switzerland as the global leader in digital fabrication.

RFL and satellite labs


During the integrated project weeks, students gain direct access to the ITA’s impressive robotic facility, the Robotic Fabrication Lab known as the RFL.


The RFL provides an exceptional set up for research and industry. Its four ABB industrial arms on a hall-sized gantry system, enabling full-scale architecture fabrication.


Students also have the opportunity to explore a network of interconnected labs: 3D Printing Lab, Concrete Materials Lab, and Adaptive Building Systems Lab, along with the Immersive Design Lab (AI and VR).


Our state-of-the-art lab network facilitates comprehensive full-scale testing of building components and systems across various domains.



The MAS ETH DFAB program is housed within the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA), which  brings together 8 professorships and 100+ researchers.


ITA’s doctoral researchers bring a wide range of expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge to the program. When complimentary topics or interests are identified, doctoral researchers may take on a mentoring role for one of our MAS students or projects.


Doctoral researchers support the skills development of our MAS ETH DFAB students while also providing exposure to our research environment and academic standards, preparing MAS students for a potential career in academia.

Immersive Design Lab Design++ ETHZ

The IDL Immersive Design Lab



Inside the Immersive Design Lab (IDL), part of the ETH Zürich Design++, Center for Augmented Computational Design in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.


Photo: ETH Zürich Design++

Our university, in Zurich, in Switzerland

ETH Zürich


ETH Zürich, founded in 1855, embodies Swiss values of freedom, responsibility, entrepreneurship, and open-mindedness. It provides an environment for independent thinking, fostering top-tier research and global collaboration from its central European location.


With 530 professors and 20,500 students from 120+ countries, ETH covers diverse disciplines. Their research yields innovations for Switzerland’s high-tech sectors, from computer science, robotics, to medicine, with an impressive record of 90 patents and 200 inventions annually.


Since 1996, 380 commercial spin-offs have emerged. With 21 Nobel laureates, ETH consistently ranks among the world’s top universities in international tables.



Zürich is an excellent city for students, home to renowned, high-ranked universities offering high-quality education and cutting-edge facilities. The city hosts approximately 70,000 students annually. Zürich’s strong economy and low unemployment rates, coupled with diverse industries like finance, technology, and pharmaceuticals, provide numerous job opportunities.


Zürich is a thriving hub of entrepreneurship, especially in technology and robotics. It is home to companies like ABB, a global leader in industrial automation. The city greatly benefits from ETH’s research in robotics and AI. Zürich’s commitment to innovation has fostered a growing ecosystem of tech and robotics companies, making it a magnet for entrepreneurs in these fields.



Switzerland consistently ranks high for its quality of life, boasting a robust healthcare system, excellent public transport, low crime rates, and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.


Known for its emphasis on research and innovation, Switzerland fosters an environment conducive to forward-thinking and entrepreneurship.


Its stunning landscapes, including the Swiss Alps and serene lakes, offer a unique living experience, with ample opportunities for outdoor activities.


Switzerland is an ideal destination for students, both local and international, and residents alike.

ETH zentrum and view of Zurich
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