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Our program is designed for university graduates from Switzerland and abroad and will accept qualified applicants who are specifically interested in improving their skills and gaining experience in the areas of advanced digital design methods, digital fabrication, and the application of robotics and 3D printing within construction and architecture.


Applicants must also show their creative design skills and technological capabilities.

Before you apply

Before you submit the actual dossier for your application, we recommend that you attend either a Campus tour or a Remote Campus tour. Here you get to know more about the program and you can ask questions.  Further questions about applications and eligibility can be answered via email at

Application process


The School for Continuing Education is responsible for all applications for admission to MAS programmes at ETH Zurich. 

Application process

1. Submit your application via the online platform eApply ( and pay the application and handling fee using your credit card. 
2. Please follow the instructions given on the online platform. 


Application documents - please see the School of Continuing Education web site.

Portfolio requirements

The portfolio should feature three projects which you feel demonstrate your design capabilities as well as your technical knowledge. Layout quality will also be evaluated and should emphasize images and design diagrams. The portfolio can be uploaded in PDF format and should not exceed 10MB. Please include a letter explaining why you would like to participate in the program and three letters of recommendation.

Deadlines for submission
Application window for MAS ETH DFAB 2024-2025 will start on the 10th of January  2024 and close on the 9th of April 2024 (Rolling admission).


A master’s degree in architecture or engineering recognised by ETH Zurich, or an equivalent educational qualification (i.e. a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of professional experience in a directly related field) is required. Also required are proof of creative design skills and technological capabilities. Documents submitted with the application and a portfolio review will be used to assess a candidate’s qualification.

Applicants with German language skills are sought after in our programme. 

The program accepts a group of around 18-20 students per year.

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