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Fees and scholarships

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the program are 21'460 CHF including fees for the School of Continuing Education.

MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship

To support talent, the MAS ETH DFAB programme has decided to offer its own Scholarship.

The scholarship’s mission is to fund tuition costs of the programme for candidates of exceptional potential that prove economic need for this complete or partial support. The scholarship(s) will be distributed directly to the School of Continuing Education and will be applied solely to tuition fees.

Tuition and Cost of Living

Like any form of education, studying at ETH Zurich costs money. In addition to tuition fees, most importantly there are living costs to consider too. It is estimated that students spend CHF 16,000 to CHF 26,000 on study and living costs each year.

Foreign students that are not part of the EU. must additionally prove financial solvency of 21,000 CHF placed in a bank account recognized by Switzerland in order to apply for a student visa.

It is the responsibility of students and their families to finance the studies. If funds are insufficient, students may file for scholarship requests. If you have questions regarding the financing of your studies, please research financial aid possibilities at ETH Zurich or beyond.

You can find out more about other financial aid opportunities here.

Pre-Requisites to apply for the MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship

  • You have filled out all the required documents for the application to the programme, and to the scholarship before the deadline.

  • Your portfolio and experience demonstrate the exceptional quality of your work. You can demonstrate exceptional results in previous academic or professional work (top 10% of the class = grade A). If presenting from a work experience portfolio, the work should be of exceptional quality.

  • You are able to prove your need for financial support, making it not possible to apply to this programme for financial reasons.

  • Please make sure to be reachable under the telephone number and email specified in your CV as the selection process will include a phone/video conference interview in January (20th to 30th).

Amount of Scholarship and Duration

The MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship consists of an award covering tuition expenses. It may be full tuition or partial tuition award (from CHF 5'000 to a maximum of CHF 20’000).
It is awarded for the duration of the academic year of the MAS ETH DFAB programme that you apply in. It is not deferrable.


MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship applications will be sent directly to the MAS ETH DFAB team. The students who would like to apply, will have to complete as well the application to the programme. All documents should be submitted via email to Successful candidates will be asked to resubmitt their application via the eApply platform.

Application Window

The application deadline for MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship is January 15th  2024. However, we ask interested students to send us their documents from November 15th onwards so that we can get in touch and asses your profile well ahead of the actual application window. 

Application Documents

In addition to the documents for required the MAS ETH DFAB programme application, you will need to upload a single PDF as in the MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship - Application Form.

Selection Process
The applications are evaluated by the MAS ETH DFAB Scholarship Committee which will make the final decision for awarding this scholarship. The exact number of annual scholarships depends on the availability of funds. The decisions are communicated by the 15th  of February.

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