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MAS 2022 / 23


Multiplicity - Ana Ascic, Kevin Chia Chang, Yuki Xue Chen, Ramon Lopez

Robotic Extrusions - The 5-week mini-project of the MAS dfab 22-23 focuses on material properties of 3D printing with PLA extrusion.. The students learn and develop fabrication-aware design strategies to explore the plasticity and deposition aspects of this fabrication technique. Topics such as on/offline robotic controls and Arduino are introduced in this project.

The twenty two students, divided into five groups, develop computational design methods and fabricate 1:1 prototypes, using a custom robotic polymer extrusion setup. Through an iterative process of designing and 3D printing the aim is to explore material properties and design approaches in the context of additive digital fabrication process. 

Tutors: Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström, Victor Leung, Simon Griffieon, Ananya Kango, Muslima Rafikova

Final critique : 19th December 2022

T1_22-23_Group6_Chen_Xue_Robotic extrusions

Multiplicity - Ana Ascic, Kevin Chia Chang, Yuki Xue Chen, Ramon Lopez


Nested Loops - Carl Pantos Conquilla, Su Huang, Yi Hsiu Hung, Abhipsa Pal 


Rotary Printing - Adam Anouar, Chenming Jiang, Lihin Weera, Yo Cheng Lee


Spatial printing - Brian Chen, Katie Gallagher, Nijat Mahamaliyev, Jan Man Ki Law


Auxetic - Hil Yixia Huang, Etienne Pavoncello


Facade Tattooing - Ahmed Elmaraghy, Eleni Alexi, Joseph Kenny, Zac Zhuo Zhang

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