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MAS 2020/21

Schedule of presentations -

09:00 - Introduction to MAS 2021 Final Critiques

Hannes Mayer - Program Coordinator

09:15 - Robotic assembly of self-interlocking spatial structures

Pascal Bach & Ilaria Giacomini 

Thesis Supervisor : Marirena Kladeftira

In collaboration with : Marco Hutter, Robotic System Lab

09:45 - Common Ground Control: Data-driven robotic excavation of sand                     

Ko Tsuruta & Simon Griffioen

Thesis Supervisors: Ryan Luke Johns, Jesús Medina Ibáñez

10:15 - Robotic Sand Dropping

Yen-Fen Chan           

Thesis Supervisors : Jesús Medina Ibáñez, David Jenny

Material Consultant : Anna Szabó

10:45-11:15       Break

11:15 - 3D Printing for Kinetic Architecture: Rigidity, flexibility, and actuation

Priyank Soni

Thesis Supervisors : Hyunchul Kwon, Prof. Dr. Moslem Shahverdi (Empa)

11:45 - Skin and bone: Eggshell + Mesh Mould

Beril Önalan

Thesis Supervisor : Joris Burger, Ammar Mirjan, Ena Lloret-Fritschi

12:15 - 4D Printed Formworks for Concrete Spraying

Wei Chengyuan & Guillaume Jami

Thesis Supervisors : Ena  Lloret-Fritschi, Selen Ercan Jenny,  Nicolas Feihl, Hamilton Forsythe

12:45-13:45       Lunch

13:45 - Imprinting Concrete with glass inlays

Liya Sunny Anthraper & Wei-Ting Chen

Thesis Supervisors : Ana Anton, Eleni Skevaki, Lex Reiter

14:15 - Ice Formwork System for Concrete Shell Structures

Artemis Maneka

Thesis Supervisor : Vasily Sitnikov

Thesis Consultant : Juney Lee

14:45 - Graded Ice Matrix Structures

Lena Kitani

Thesis Supervisor : Vasily Sitnikov

15:15-15:45       Break

15:45 - Schatzalp balustrades: augmented wood construction 

Carlos Wilkening

Thesis Supervisors : Petrus Aejmalaeus-Lindström ,Lauren Vasey, Matthias Helmreich and Fabian Kastner, Chair of Construction History and Preservation  

In collaboration with  Tim Sandy, Fadri Furrer INCON 

16:15 - Immersive collaboration : Virtual and Augmented Reality for onsite fabrication

Evgenia Angelaki & Foteini Salveridou

Thesis Supervisors : Daniela Mitterberger, Romana Rust and Lauren Vasey


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