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MAS 2020 / 21


Glass  Prototype, Rena Giesecke, 2020.

Robotic Kiln Glass Architecture - Beyond Transparency

In the second 11-week module of the second trimester of the MAS ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication, we will explore the potential of novel digital fabrication processes for glass to implement a full-scale construction project.

Based on research on multi-colored glass printing and free-form glass kilning, the students will explore how the traditional glass manufacturing technique of kiln-glass manufacturing can be enhanced by state of the art digital fabrication. The creative potential and interconnection between fabrication processes, materiality, color and geometry will be explored.  We will test how digital technologies and glass manufacturing can be used to create a new architectural experiences, based on properties of form, color, light and process parameters.


The final result will be a 1:1 scale immersive installation, a room size penetrable light-color space which demonstrates the potential of glass architecture beyond mere transparency and filters its environment in an unprecedented manner. 


Tutors : Rena Giesecke, Yael Ifrah, Remy Clemente, Eleni Skevaki, Ioanna Mitropoulou

Final critique : 10th of June 2021

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